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29 December 2017

Artificial Intelligence: Opens a New Door for Magento Powered eCommerce Stores Success

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The time is no far away when artificial intelligence will become the part of our day to day lives. In fact, AI has already touched the many facets of our day to day lives and even without realizing people are relying on them more and more for their luxury and comfort. From smart homes, smart TVs, smart cars to virtual assistance like Cortana, Siri, Google assistance, this innovative becomes the part of daily lives more than one ways. The eCommerce industry is too experiencing the magic of this innovative technology in transforming the way people used to make shopping, making it even easier, smarter, and exciting than ever before.

When talking about the eCommerce industry, you will find that more than 30% of eCommerce websites that are available online these days are powered by Magento. From the first day of introduction till date, Magento has covered a long way and molded with the changing technology and techniques to make the eCommerce experience more enjoyable for the end users. For instance, Magento 2 is integrated with several AI driven tools and extensions which enable you to take the potential benefits of this innovative technology. Now the question is “how will you use artificial intelligence in your Magento Store?”

Wonderful Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Magento

Artificial intelligence can take the eCommerce stores to a new height of success by taking the shopping experience of the users to a new level. This is why a Magento development company always recommends to integrate artificial intelligence in Magento stores. Continue reading to know about some of the amazing applications of artificial intelligence for online stores.

  • Targeted User Experiences: Purchase assistance is one of the revolutionary implementation in Magento for improving the customer experience. The purchase assistance helps both sellers and customers by delivering the right message at the right time. Targeted User ExperiencesUsing its proponents like cognitive computing and machine learning, this innovative technology easily accesses a large amount of data of millions of users and uses it to deliver the right information at the right time to the end users to enhance their online shopping experience.
  • Virtual Shopping Assistants: Virtual shopping assistant or chatbots is another application of artificial intelligence which helps in enhancing the shopping experience of the users. By analyzing and monitoring the eCommerce stores for upcoming offers, products, and fluctuations in prices, this innovative application helps in enhancing users’ online shopping experience. It also assists users with their queries and complaints.

Combined with Magento, this innovative application can very well take over the traditional newsletter or deal alert emailing. Moreover, in future, it will probably take over the customer care support services by delivering a level of services at par with human assistance.

  • Context-Based Searches: Being the most important part of the eCommerce stores, product search functionality is what enables users to filter exactly what they are looking for in an easy and quick manner. The latest version of Magento comprises some innovative search extensions which can work as effective as AI-powered searches. Now, AI-based searches will enable you to conduct searches based on context rather than completely relying on keywords. Utilizing the capability of NLP to compute words, this innovative technology will give more accurate search results to users’ queries.
  • Visual Searches: The days are not far when artificial intelligence will open the door for the Magento powered eCommerce stores for visual searches. In simple words, in future, the AI will enable eCommerce owners to give their users’ the freedom to conduct searches for the particular products through images. Google assistant, the Google video app is already able to accurately determine the personal, animal, object or location in the images. So, it will be not surprising to see the uses of such similar applications for conducting online product searches.
  • Detection and Prevention of Online Fraud: Online fraudulent activity is one of the major challenges in front of eCommerce business owners. In fact, there are many potential users who usually avoid online transactions because of security reasons. By taking some simple steps, you can control the fraudulent activities to a great extent. For instance, you can enhance the security of Magento powered eCommerce stores by simply combining its security standards with machine learning. By doing this, one can address challenges which are time-consuming and expensive like manual reviewing, reducing fake positives with behavioral analysis, and so on. In simpler words, by integrating artificial intelligence applications one can give strong protection to their online stores from various security glitches.

Hope, now you have good information about how artificial intelligence help in taking the Magento powered eCommerce stores to a new height of business success. If you also want to reap the best benefits of this innovative technology, you have to find an experienced and specialized Magento development company in India to utilize your website for business profit in the most significant way.