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12 April 2017

How to Know that You Need a New eCommerce Store?

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An eCommerce store, that is not performing well on search engines, will not only affect your business sales but will also ruin the credibility of your business. In the digital marketing world, the appearance, performance, features, and usability matters a lot to gain the trust of the clients. The moment your users start facing problems while accessing your website is the moment it starts hurting the sales, reputation, and credential of your business. Approaching a professional and experienced eCommerce development company is the only option to bring back the performance of your eCommerce store on track. But the question is “how would you know that your eCommerce store is not performing well?” Keep reading to know about the signs which will let you know that it is the right time to either create a new eCommerce store or revamp the existing one.

Your Site Takes A Lot of Time to Load

Customers hate those sites which take too much load time. Even Google recommends those websites on SERPs which do not take more than 50 milliseconds to load. If your websites take too much time or more than 3 seconds, the chances are high that they will abandon your website. Even in most of the recent data, it has been found that 40% of the users will leave the website which takes more than 3 seconds to load. This will not only increase the bounce rate of the website but will also have a great impact on your website ranking on search engines. So, if your site is too slow, you should hire an eCommerce development company to either create a new store or redesign the existing one to run your business successfully over the web.

Your Site is Tough to Maintain

If you face any kind of difficulty in changing the content, banner, product information, blogs, images, and other information in your web pages, you need to approach an eCommerce website design company to create an effective, functional, and user-friendly eCommerce store for your business.

Your Site is Difficult to Navigate

difficult to navigate

User experience matters a lot to achieve success in the eCommerce industry. You need to make sure that your website must comprise everything which will help the users to drill down the product and information they want in an easy and quick manner. Keep in mind, customers will hardly complain about the poor navigation of your website. If they will face any kind of difficulty then they will simply leave your website. There are several factors responsible for the poor navigation of the website like poor designing, outdated platform, and novice level website development services. If you are planning to remodel your online store or simply creating a new one, you need to hire one of the best eCommerce development companies in India to get outstanding eCommerce development services.

If you are an eCommerce store owner, you will surely want to make a long-term relationship with each of your clients. Designing an effective, attractive, and efficient eCommerce store is the only way to gain the trust of your potential users. Hiring a professional eCommerce website development company in India is the only way to rest assure that your project is in the safe hands.