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26 August 2016

Important Things to Remember While Migrating Yahoo/Abaco Store To Magento eCommerce Store

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The internet has been over-performing for the online sellers and merchants to mint more money than they have ever expected. Most of those who have eCommerce websites rely on the platform which was considered the best at the time of development. With the recent changes in the eCommerce domain, most of the owners of older eCommerce stores are shifting to the latest eCommerce platforms due to various reasons like lack of search engines visibility, designing issue, extending issues or simply because they are not moving forward as compared to their competitors.

In the recent years, Magento has overcome most of the eCommerce platforms like yahoo store. It is the most promising eCommerce platform that offers a balanced combination of flexibility, control, marketing, usability and the cost of ownership to the businesses. Apart from SEO compatibility, the ease of usability and almost all kinds of automated processes have made this platform one of the foremost choices for development and redevelopment of eCommerce stores. If you to want to migrate your Yahoo/Abaco Store to Magento (Enterprise or community edition),  hire Magento Certified Developers apart from below mentioned points for a hassle-free migration of your online store.

Here’s When Magento Certified Developers Can Help You

Apart from migration of your existing store to Magento, you should also consider to hire Magento certified developers because migrating Magento needs an advanced level of technical expertise. So here are the things are should take care before and during migrating your store:

Product and Category Data:

This is the first and foremost thing to consider while migrating your Yahoo/Abaco store to Magento. Always have a fair understanding how you want your existing product and categories to be featured on your new Magento store. There are several standard ways of doing it. Several tools like Cart2Cart map and migrate data from one shopping cart to another when it is about transferring data in bulk but still there are lots of gaps that need to be filled manually.

Product and Category Data

It is always recommended to export the data to a CSV file and import with Magento Dataflow. But it is not something that can be achieved with an ease. Magento requires the data to be offered in a prescribed format that only Magento Certified Developers can plan in the right manner. However, Data flow does not bind the gallery images and product relations so you will need an extension if you do not want them to integrate individually. The manual addition is time-consuming but it can be done if you have a smaller online store.


Data Migration:

Data Migration

Apart from the product and category data, there are various other things that should be moved on to your new Magento website such as customer details, past orders, subscribers lists, blogs and other allied pages. One should keep in mind that it is not easy to migrate these data values in an efficient manner.  So it always recommended to leave this thing into the hands of professionals. If you want efficient migration of your existing data and details, hire only Magento Certified developers as a single glitch in transfer can cost you a lot. Your existing customers should never feel like that their data or the website’s main content has been changed otherwise it will lead a bad impression. Some features like migration of customer’s password is quite a tricky thing during migration that need to be accomplished by certified professionals only.


Back Office Integration:

eCommerce store

If your existing eCommerce website is integrated with any CRM or ERP system then you should pay a special attention while migrating to Magento store. Since the API of Magento is compatible to integrating various third party applications so it becomes somewhat easy to integrate with CRM or ERP system. If for any reason your store is unable to integrate with your CRM or ERP system, it is the perfect time to upgrade your system for a future-ready eCommerce store.


URL Retention:

URL Retention

It is the must-consider thing to look upon during the migration of your Yahoo/Abaco Store to Magento. Over the time, the existing cached pages of an existing website gain a wealth of authority that should be kept intact. You cannot take the risk of promoting and establishing the authority of your website over the internet again. Keeping the hierarchy of categories, products and websites help Magento to maintain the URL permalinks in the same way, however, a 301 redirection will be needed sometimes. This is the perfect way to keep the authority and ranking of your website whilst enjoying the organic traffic as of before. Never let your customers face a 404 page otherwise, you will loose them over the time.


Merchandising and Promotions:

Merchandising and Promotions

This is where Magento beats all eCommerce platforms including Yahoo/Abaco. The assorted range of promotional and merchandising options helps the businesses in taking their business beyond the leaps and bounds. You can easily set up different banners when your store is dynamic to lure the customers with newer offers. Another thing that you can integrate into the Magento-based website with ease is the integration of discounts, voucher codes, and other special offers. Besides, integration with social media and customer segmentation also helps in ensuring that your customers will stick with your store, nowhere else.


That’s all! These are some of the crucial points that a Yahoo/Abaco eCommerce store should consider before migrating to Magento. It is always recommended to hire certified Magento Developers so that you can enjoy the real benefits of migration in terms of increased sales. So what are you waiting for? Hire Certified Magento Developer in India today for the ultimate comfort of mind during migration.