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16 August 2017

What Makes GIF so Popular in the World of Digital Marketing?

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Whether you are running a successful online business or going to start a new business, working on your digital marketing strategies is very important to achieve the best result. Working on digital marketing strategies does not mean that you can run your business using old tweaks and tricks. As the competition becomes too tough in the eCommerce industry, you need to try to incorporate some innovative and effective digital marketing techniques to give your users a wonderful navigation experience. Running a digital marketing campaign without incorporating GIFs in today’s digital marketing scenario is somewhat not acceptable.

The amalgamation of regular images with short videos has made GIFs much popular among the digital users, and this is why these are proven as great resources to reach to a large number of potential users.

The Popularity of GIFs in Digital Marketing

GIFs are gaining a huge popularity as not only they are eye-catching but also helps in delivering the core marketing message to the targeted customers in an easy and quick manner. Furthermore, it also offers a great way to emotionally attach with your targeted users. Though GIFs seem to be the recent miracle in the digital marketing world, but it has been in presence since two decades ago. Keep reading to know some of the good reasons why businesses should incorporate GIFs into their digital marketing campaign.

  • With the advancement of digital platforms and the performance of the digital devices, the attention span of the users is getting lower and lower with every passing day. GIFs offer an excellent way to spread your message reach to a large number of targeted customers in a very short duration of time.
  • Grabbing the attention of the customers is quite a challenging task these days. Attractive GIFs help in grabbing the attention of the clients in a far easier manner than other available marketing options.
  • Since GIFs are very interesting to watch and repetitive in nature, it gives a peace of mind that your message will be surely conveyed to the potential customers.

How to Market Your Services or Products Using GIFs?

  • Explain a Process: If you are planning to introduce a new product or service, you can create GIFs to explain exactly what you are offering in an easy and quick manner.

Explain Process

  • Tell a Story: GIFs helps in narrating story far easier than images and videos. These days, people prefer to grab more information in a short period of time. With the help of GIFs, you can narrate your brand story far better than the written copies.
  • Use On Social Media: Using GIFs on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc is one of the best options for attracting a large number of potential customers on social media.

Hope, now you know the significance of the GIFs. If you are also considering to include it in your marketing strategy, you should approach a digital marketing company to know how to promote your business in an easy and quick way. By doing a little homework, you can easily find a digital marketing company in India which will help you in reaching to your digital marketing goal using GIFs.