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22 December 2017

What New Features You Can Enjoy in WordPress 4.9?

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Millions of people who are using WordPress are surely excited to know about the latest update i.e WordPress 4.9. Updates in WordPress are not a new thing. The WordPress website development community always comes with new updates to enhance the security, boost the performance as well as the efficiency of WordPress powered websites. If you have also a WordPress powered website, you will surely love to know about the latest features that you can use for the benefit of your business. Continue reading to know what’s new is in WordPress 4.9.

  • Save and Schedule Theme Changes in Customizer

    Editing and uploading in WordPress powered websites are one of the major concerns of many WordPress users. In order to make editing quite simple, WordPress 4.9 presents the save theme customization as a draft. Now you do not need to save changes as a draft before making it live when using customizer in WordPress 4.9 for making any change in the theme. Now, you can make changes directly on the live website. Furthermore, now you are allowed to share the preview of the customize changes with a URL to as many users as you want for review. Apart from making changes, in WordPress 4.9, now there is an option to schedule changes at any specific time.

  • The New Gallery Widget

    In the previous edition, WordPress introduced media widgets including texts, images, audios, and videos.New Gallery WidgetIn WordPress 4.9, there is a new gallery widget that will enable you to build a native WordPress gallery and add it in any widget ready areas.

  • Add Media Button in Text Widget

    In the previous WordPress editions, you need to include HTML codes for adding images. With the introduction of WordPress 4.9, you do not need to take tension about the HTML coding. It enables users to add as many images as they want without any HTML coding in the rich text widget.

  • Enhanced Code Editing Experience

    WordPress 4.9 presents improved code editor to enhance the code editing experience of the users by making any edit in the custom CSS, plugin editor, and theme editor quite simple and hassle-free. It not only comes with code suggestions, syntax highlighting and auto-completion features but also fixes many errors which lead to syntax errors.

WordPress website development becomes quite easier after the introduction of the WordPress 4.9. If you have a WordPress powered website or planning to build a new one, it would be great to approach experienced and specialized WordPress development company in India to make the entire process quite simple and hassle-free.