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24 April 2017

Why is It Important to Move from osCommerce to Magento Today?

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Both Magento and osCommerce are reputable platforms for eCommerce website development. The only difference is that osCommerce was popular before the arrival of the new platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and of course Magento. But, there are also some stores available today who are still running their online store on old CMS like osCommerce. Keep reading to know why website owners should move their website from osCommerce to Magento.

Magento is Up to Date

Magento comes as a complete bundle for eCommerce website development. The Magento development community works continuously to come with features which will improve the users’ experience. As it is updated frequently, and kind of technical problems are easily resolved by the Magento community technicians. Apart from that, Magento is also very effective in fixing bugs. Developed using the most advanced techniques and comprising the most advanced features, Magento is undoubtedly better than osCommerce.


Websites designed using Magento look far better than those designed on osCommerce. Magento offers numerous free templates to its users to customize their website as per their needs and requirements. The modular codes in Magento also enable the users to upgrade the Magento through customization. You cannot enjoy such kind of template and upgradation features in osCommerce. Moreover, it is quite difficult to customize eCommerce stores designed in osCommerce.

Multiple Stores Management

Multiple Stores Management

Magento enables businesses to control various online stores from a single admin dashboard. In fact, you can control and manage various domains from a single admin dashboard using Magento. Moreover, it offers multiple currency and languages options to the business owners to earn maximum benefits from eCommerce. In osCommerce, you cannot take the benefits of these facilities and features. This is why it is advised to hire Magento programmer to take your website to the new heights of success.


Today, where people prefer to give not more than 50 milliseconds on a single website, giving a wonderful navigation experience to the users becomes the primary objective of businesses to achieve success in the world of online marketing. Websites that are designed on Magento enable users to filter out exactly what they want without looking around the whole site. They can filter the products as per the sizes, shapes, brands, prices, and so on. osCommerce does not offer such features.


In today’s cut-throat online marketing world, it is hard to achieve success in the online marketing industry without strategic SEO. Magento platform is integrated with some basic and initial SEO features. With SEO friendly rewrites, auto generated maps, and meta-tag controls, Magento offers endless options to optimize eCommerce stores for search engines. However, optimizing a website for search engines in osCommerce is a very challenging task.

These are only a few reasons why Magento is highly recommended by the businesses for eCommerce website development. If you too want to migrate your osCommerce website to Magento, you need to hire the best Magento developers to let everything done in the right way. By doing simple homework online, you can easily hire one of the best Magento developers in India for handling your eCommerce project.