Yahoo Store to WooCommerce
7 September 2016

Why to Migrate from Yahoo Store to WooCommerce?

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With so many options available for eCommerce websites, choosing the best eCommerce store for the organization is quite a challenging task for retail owners. Being an eCommerce website owner, it is necessary to choose a web development platform which has various features, functionality, and last but not least, has the ability to help your business to achieve the new height of success. Gone are the days when just having an eCommerce store was sufficient for making money online. It is the age of competition and to stand in this competition, every retail seller has the need to have a user-friendly, simple yet functional, and easy to navigate eCommerce website. For eCommerce Stores with inventory close to 150-200, WooCommerce is considered as the best eCommerce platform for business growth. The ease of usability, hassle-free management, SEO compliance and other such factors are the s why most of the companies are migrating their Yahoo store to WooCommerce. Hire WordPress expert developers today to relaunch your eCommerce store in an exclusive look to mint more money online.

What is WooCommerce?

It is a free and powerful eCommerce plugin which enables people to develop an engaging, beautiful, functional, and easy to navigate online store. This powerful eCommerce platform gives the businesses as well as WordPress developers a complete control over the online store. Hire WordPress developers today to launch your eCommerce store for better sales and customers’ credibility.


Reasons for Migration from Yahoo Store to WooCommerce

  • One of the primary reasons why most of the companies use WooCommerce is that it is completely free to use. Apart from that, the simplified merchant interface helps to manage the eCommerce store without any technical knowledge.


  • Nowadays, marking a strong online presence is vital to survive in this business world. However, Yahoo Store is an out-of-date eCommerce store from the SEO point of view. WooCommerce, on the other hand, features various SEO plug-ins that are proven to be very effective in improving the ranking and visibility of the eCommerce store on major search engines.


  • Another reason to hire WordPress website developer for migrating your Yahoo Store is that WooCommerce can easily integrate with any platform because of its extendable nature. Some of the major integration include but not limited to Jigoshop, FreshBooks, Xero, ShipStation, TradeGecko, and so on.


  • Yahoo Store is very tough to handle, especially for those having less knowledge about web development or other technical sides of things. WooCommerce, on the other hand, helps the merchants to easily manage the products even without having to know too much about the technical side of CMS.


Why to Hire WordPerss Developer?

When it comes to WooCommerce development, you always need to hire WordPress developers to ensure that everything is handled in the right and professional manner. Allin Info Systems has all the tools, resources, and expertise needed for handling any project in an efficient manner. Moreover, we know what will work for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Hire WordPress developers from us to give your business a new edge.